Halo and COD are Good; Prove me Wrong



Dasten Muniz, Writer

Halo 4 is a good game

Halo 4 is a good game and here’s why. Halo 4 was released after Bungie and 343 studios separated. 343 did not have good enough experience making video games by themselves. Bungie was the main reason many considered the Halo games good. Halo 4 also lets you run without any items and the graphics were suitable for the time the campaign and multiplayer were really good. The first mission in the campaign had you falling from space into earth. That was pretty cool, and the multiplayer gave you a good system to make your maps. The maps that you didn’t have to edit were already good maps as well.

Top 5 COD games

Welcome to my top 5 COD games. At number 5 we got Black Ops 3. It gave us wall running and it also gave us jetpacks in COD. Number 4 is COD Ghost. It gave us lots of weapons and lots of different perks, it had assault kill streaks and support score streaks. Number 3 is Modern Warfare 2 (2009). It had one of the best campaigns, and well-balanced weapons, and most of the kill streaks were good. At number 2 we got COD Black Ops 1. It had good weapons, an amazing campaign, and good zombie mode. And number 1 is COD Black Ops 2, it is called the best cod game by most people. It had balanced weapons, good maps, and really good zombie maps. That is my list and remember that this is my opinion.