Can the game Minecraft actually increase your creativity?



Esteban Nieves, Writer

Why is Minecraft worth your time?

Minecraft is a sandbox game which means that it’s a game where you can do whatever you want. There are many options like completing the game, building huge structures, and getting every single advancement. There are 3 versions of Minecraft and 3 editions. There is Minecraft java edition, bedrock edition and, education edition.  Minecraft is so good they made 3 games about it from the same creators.

The fist is a normal Minecraft sandbox game, then there’s Minecraft dungeons which is a role playing game and you have to complete levels to reach the end. The third game is  Minecraft legends, which is a combination of both Minecraft and Minecraft dungeons. I like to play Minecraft java edition survival mode because it is fun to play with others and build huge houses and big factories.

What to do when Minecraft gets boring? 

When you’re playing on your Minecraft world and you say “I don’t know what to do now.” Well I got the solution for you first off. You can do automatic farms to get lots of resources without too much effort like an automatic food farm. The farms are explained on Youtube. Just search up how to make an automated food farm in Minecraft and you get tons of ideas and how to build them.

The second thing you can do is build a huge tower, a big city or an underwater base. You can even turn the end dimension into the over world, the nether dimension  to the end dimension, you can do anything you want. There are helpful tutorials on Youtube if you don’t know how to build but you should try anyway. Minecraft is a sandbox game which means like an actual sandbox you can create/make different things but Minecraft gives you many blocks to build with. If you want to spice up your builds you can make a huge house with only one block like dirt, pumpkins, even diamond blocks, it might take a while but it’s worth it seeing your hard work and effort being done and complete. You can also play with friends.