Video Games Galore


Ernesto A. Sanchez Lopez The 3rd , Writer

Top Five Video Games

Video games are cool but some are better than others and some are… worse than others but it’s mainly a matter of opinion. Although most people still listen to others’ opinions. Even though it’s up to each person to choose what they like and dislike. But many people are still influenced by other people’s opinions, especially those who are close to them.  Anyways if you would like to hear me out and let me say and explain my top five best games I have played.

So here are the 5 best games

  • Persona 5 Royal, it is a really good game with great graphics and story. It also is decently long (about 60-80 hours long) . It has great characters and their development throughout the story is amazing.
  • Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, this is one of the best modern gen Dragon Ball games it dives into the Dragon Ball Z story and reveals somethings that were a bit obscure plus it has AMAZING CUTSCENES although it doesn’t give Vegeta his moment.
  • Dying Light 1 & 2 these are some great survival zombie games with a huge map and hundreds of things to do and events and constantly happening.
  • Devil May Cry 5, it is a good game with a ton of crazy abilities and fights. If you have played another dmc game or anything similar you will greatly enjoy this.
  • Hades, it’s a really good rogue-like with tons of mythology not just from greek. The game is a 2.5d game. It’s super cool and has tons of replay ability.

Good Video Game Abilities in Real Life

There are millions of abilities and moves that we could use but most people’s choices in my opinion are mostly useless. People usually choose something that looks cool like the kamehameha or anything that provides combat support but how would that be useful in any scenario. But personally think of something that provides tactical advantage or some kind of support. Basically abilities that have some kind of support like a heal, fly, revive, or something akin to that.

I would recommend zoom from Dragon Quest or a persona from the persona but at least something that helps you do things like telepathy or teleportation.