Top 5 Most Successful Games of all Time

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Alan Yufa, Writer

Video games can be entertaining and engaging. But have you ever thought about how much money those very games make? Well for one video games make money from people buying them. Advertising and in-game purchases encourage more playing from them. But there are other ways video games can be successful.

Number 5 would be PUBG. now to get something out of the way PUBG was a purchasable game before and they went free to play in 2022 at the time games like Fortnite were top-rated. The reason why PUBG was very successful was that it was one of the first good battle royale games on the market. Everything in the game impacted your chance of survival. Number 4 is surprisingly Wii Sports, but it makes sense why. For one Wii Sports was free because it came with the Wii console in 2006. It was easy to pick up and play is was even designed to be playable for elderly and disabled people

Number 3 is not surprising – GTA V, mainly because most Grand Theft Auto games were open-world games. And people liked that especially when the Online version came out. People were hooked on playing doing missions and progressing in the game. There was also a lot of purchasable in-game money that a LOT of people bought. Number 2 is Tetris which came out in 1984. The oldest game on the list and it’s crazy that Tetris beat GTA V, but I’ll tell you why. For one, it was one of the first video game that got made so people didn’t really have anything else, and another is that the game was portable on the Gameboy. Like even Super Mario Bros didn’t come out yet

And last but not least number 1 Minecraft. Similar to GTA, Minecraft also had that open world feel to it and it was very addicting to players. It was even made for children the thing that made it what it is, is that it was cross-platform playable so you can play it on mobile and consoles like the Xbox and Nintendo Switch.