Could You REALLY Survive on a Stranded Island?

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Alan Yufa, Writer

Ever wondered if you got on stranded on an island would you actually live to tell the tale? Well, I’ll tell you if you could. First, you need food and water. Food can be found very easily, but it can be challenging. One good way to get food is to fish or find plants. Something good would be coconuts, bananas, mangos, or apples but it all depends on the island. Very different terrains to look at but food shouldn’t be too hard if you actually try and look for it. Water though is a different story altogether. You can’t drink ocean water due to saltiness. So your only good option would be to make a fire and purify the salt water. Also, you can catch some rainwater which is drinkable.

Making a fire definitely can be a challenge, but the easiest way is to find yourself some flint and a piece of steel or iron. This shouldn’t be too hard, most islands have these resources. You would need to smash the rocks together until they spark onto some soft dead grass and then you have a fire. That basically tells you what you need to do to survive on an island. But after that its just food and water until you die so you can survive, but you should just stay home and play Stranded Deep.