Viva el Futbol!!!

Dennis Levenchuk, Writer

Top 3  supreme players in the World Cup

  • Dominik Livaković (Goalkeeper for Croatia)

Dominik Livaković has been an absolute beast this World Cup. He’s the reason why Croatia went all the way to the semi-finals. In the quarterfinals with Brazil, he saved over 11 shots on target. Also, his penalty saves are crazy, with being able to know the direction of the ball and saving the ball on a whole another level. In his game with Argentina, Messi and Alverez were too much for him even though he still made some amazing saves. Next World Cup, I predict the same thing, that he’s going to go absolutely crazy.

  • Lionel Messi (Forward for Argentina)

This is Lionel Messi’s last World Cup and he makes the most of it. In my opinion, after this World Cup, Messi is the best soccer player in the world.  He can dribble through pretty much everyone, gives the best passes to his teammates, and can shoot well. When he has the ball, he always goes up the field, juking every defender and giving his teammates a perfect ball for amazing goals. Now with his World Cup title, everyone now knows that Messi is the GOAT.

  • Kylian Mbappe (Forward for France)

At only the age of 23, he has a bunch of soccer awards and won the World Cup in his first try in 2018. In this World Cup, he was trying to win the title once again. He had over 10 goals and won the Golden Boot award in the finals. Throughout the group stage and knockout stage, he has made all efforts to the ball on offense and defense. His speed and shooting skills are what make him a great player and why they made it all the way to the World cup finals.  This is only the beginning of his career and it’s only getting better from here.

Location of the 2026 World cup

The United States of America, Mexico, and, Canada are all hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup. This will impact North America a lot and give the host nations under a lot of pressure on them. Some of the host cities will be New York, Miami, Los Angles, Dallas, Mexico City, and Toronto. It’s in the summer, starting in June which impacts the game where temperatures in some of these places can get up to 90 degrees which may impact the players and schedule a lot. These are some of the biggest cities and it will show the world how these nations have changed over time. This might give the nations a boost of excitement because they might be playing in their hometown.

Surprisingly, no new stadiums are built for the World Cup of 2026. This also will be the first World Cup where FIFA expanded the number of teams from 32 to 48. This will be a big change and will impact all countries in the World Cup. Some problems may appear with inflation in the U.S. and tickets may be at an all-time high. But, the estimated revenue of the World Cup is 5 billion dollars which may help the countries big time.