Gymnastics life

Gymnastics life

Leah Ortega, writer

My Life Experience With Gymnastics

I started gymnastics when I was in 1st grade as a 5 year old. I started in beginner’s classes at a gym called Gym Spot. I ended up quitting or taking a break because I fractured my tibia when one day I was jumping on the trampoline and I landed the wrong way. I was scared and afraid to go back because I had  fear I would break a bone or even do worse again. I did dance for a year since my mom wanted me to try it out but after my first recital I quit because it was boring for me and I knew it wasn’t my sport.  I took a break from gymnastics for about 3 years but then came back in 5th grade of 2019. I started competing as a bronze that year and I did really well.

Starting gold year because my coach told me I was doing really well for the level that I’m on so I got to skip silver with my best friend and we both went to gold. I did a year of gold last year in 7th grade, then towards the end of school I got into a bike accident leading me to take a break from gymnastics for a couple of months. After I healed I was able to get back into gymnastics starting my platinum year. Now I’m in my 2nd year of platinum and its competition.

Why I love Gymnastics

I have done gymnastics for about 7 years including some breaks from injuries. I have always loved gymnastics as a sport and wanted to make it to the Olympics one day. There are so many things and reasons why I love doing gymnastics. There are many events with so many different skills for each. In each level you exceed with higher and difficult skills for you to learn.

There are 4 different events. Personally, my favorite is Bars and Floor. I love feeling like I’m flying in the air doing my tumbling skills across the floor. Bars are my first favorite because there are so many skills that you can learn. Giants are my personal favorite skill. You can swing around the bar as many times till you run out of breath and fly away from the giant in a layout or twisting.