Running Sports

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Angel Carrillo, Writer


Shot put is a not so similar sport from the ancient Greek’s time, it has changed a lot. The Greeks threw stones as a sport; some soldiers were recorded in time throwing cannonballs.  Later they made a more modern form where they played in the Highland Games in the early 19th century where they threw a round stone or metal cube. You stay behind the line, and you would throw it.

Cross Country

Cross country’s origin is from cricket run. The sport is held nearly every year since 1838. This folded by bigger and more popular schools and the need for more formal races led to more better races which lead to cross county.

Being a cross country runner is hard knowing how to have a good stride and not hurting yourself is important. You can get injured easily and you have to know how to stretch right. As a runner one of the hardest things is to keep going, don’t make excuses. The pain you may feel will be temporary and nothing feels better than finishing the race so keep going when you run, find your pace and keep it. At the end right before you finish the race run as fast as you can and don’t give up if you are a new runner.