My volleyball experience

My volleyball experience

Isabelle Kaufman, Writer

Why I Started Doing Volleyball

I started doing volleyball because I usually couldn’t find something I enjoyed to do and watch so much. I heard that volleyball tryouts were going on so I decided to try something new. I had some hope because my sister Abigail did volleyball and she would play with my other sister Olivia but wouldn’t let me join because I didn’t really know what I was doing. So I thought maybe this would also help me prove them wrong.

Once I started volleyball I felt so relieved it felt as if it lifted so much weight off my back. It was a great way to just forget about reality and just do what I enjoy most. I didn’t usually do academics but I decided it was time to start. So I started it with something I haven’t really done before. There wasn’t much of a reason why I started volleyball, I just had hoped to try something new. It turned out I liked it a lot so I continued to do volleyball.

Why I Enjoy/Love Doing It

My older sister did volleyball, but she stopped doing it in high school. So that gave me the idea to try it, also knowing it was something new to me. So when I first started volleyball I wasn’t the best at it I got stressed and overwhelmed. I noticed that when I first started I felt welcomed. Volleyball is relieving, when playing volleyball everything just goes away.

All my stress from school, friends, and family just isn’t there. Although it is stressful when I look at the scoreboard at times and my team is the one losing. I found a home with volleyball. It feels so at home. I’m able to openly let out stress and anger on the ball.  My first team was so welcoming at first and that is the best feeling ever. Volleyball gives me so much motivation to keep trying and not give up.