Alpha Bass Fishing

James Wright, Writer

Angler’s guide to fishing stores

Today I am going to be writing about what fishing stores there are and what one I think is the best to get your gear and bait. The fishing stores I will be talking about today are Bass Pro shops, Cabelas, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. In my opinion, out of all 3 of these stores, I would choose Bass Pro Shops. The reason I chose this store is that out of all of these fishing stores, Bass Pro Shops has the biggest selection of fishing gear as well as most of that fishing gear. Another reason I chose Bass Pro Shops is the staff has always been really nice compared to all of the other stores the staff is always available and kind.

Another reason I chose Bass Pro Shops is my main choice is the restocks. Every time they run out of a product they usually have more the next day while the other stores take a few days to get everything in stock, which can be really annoying at times. Finally, the last reason I choose Bass Pro Shops is the prices. The items at Bass Pro Shops have always been fairly priced compared to other retailers where sometimes the prices can be a bit overpriced for what you are getting. Those are the reason why I think that Bass Pro Shops is one of the best fishing stores in my opinion.


Best bass fishing season

Today I will be telling you about when the best season to fish is. In my opinion, spring is the best time to fish. The reason for this is because during the spring is the end of winter, therefore, the ice over lakes/ ponds are melting so the fish get excited and also start breeding and during that time they get very hungry. Another reason this is a good time to start fishing is that during that time the fish have finally started to get more active.

This is because the water is warming up because of the ice melting so they generally feed more during this time. The reason summer is not better than spring is that during summer the fish have been warmed up for a while so they kinda chill in the bottom of the lakes/pond because it is colder down there but in the spring they come to the top of the water because they are super cold. That is why in my opinion spring is the best season to start fishing.