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Ethan Herman, Writer

 Falling in love… with food?

I think Panda Express is the best fast food, but fast food is a controversial topic and there are so many opinions but there is only one certain one. My personal favorite one is Panda Express. I love their food and there are numerous options . Also all their food has so much flavor and the prices are so affordable. Orange chicken and chow is my favorite because I love the way the flavors pop and the chicken has a little spice to it. I also get their pot stickers a lot because they always taste so fresh.

Panda Express is a Chinese fast food restaurant and has over 1800 restaurants and 27,000 workers. They have 12 different entrees and 3 appetizers. Their most ordered items are chow mein, and orange chicken, which is what I order every time.

Restaurant flooded after a poop was so big

By far the worst fast food restaurant I have ever tried is Taco Bell. Every time we got their tacos, they would always be soggy, and their crunchwraps just aren’t really crunchy. Also the food there has no flavor and just doesn’t taste authentic. Some people may like it, but I think that it could be way better food. Another place would be Cracker Barrel because their food takes forever to come. Their food doesn’t really taste as fresh as some other places. Also I didn’t really like their eggs because they tasted like they were microwaved.