Izzy Stradlin the “Backbone” Of GNR, and their best albums of all time


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Christiana Mae Tecson, Writer

“Izzy Stradlin”;How Guns N Roses became famous

Who is Izzy Stradlin?

Jeffrey Dean Isbell also known as “Izzy Stradlin” is the rhythm guitarist of Guns n’ Roses. Born in Lafayette, Indiana, he was most known there in his childhood years. He is the co-founder of Guns N’ Roses and was best friends with the lead singer W. Axl Rose. Stradlin left when the heavy metal rock band reached the height of their fame in 1991, and recorded a total of four studio albums.

Why is he important?

Stradlin was one of the main reasons why GNR became so successful. With his passion for writing, and passion for music he ended up making/contributing to popular songs. He contributed/wrote the following songs: Sweet Child O’Mine, Patience, Mr. Brownstone, You Could Be Mine, 14 years, and many more.

In my opinion, Stradlin is the most important member in Guns N Roses. Although Axl Rose and Slash steal the spotlight with the singing and the guitar solos, Izzy composes the song. Out of all the members, everyone in the band goes to Stradlin for opinions on any song lyrics they wrote or music the band composed. Izzy has contributed to a lot of their famous songs, which made them what they are today.

Although he left at the height of their fame he is still earning money from the music they made, if Izzy did not contribute with his ideas to Guns N’ Roses, they would not be as well known as they are right now. Besides Axl and his singing or Slash with his guitar riffs, it would have not made it without Stradlin’s Composing skills.

Best Guns N’ Roses albums (top 3)

I am going to explain why these top three albums are the best albums that Guns N’ Roses have produced.

1:Appetite For Destruction

At number one from my list is Appetite For Destruction. Although it is their first album it is one of their most successful albums, the album consists of the 3 most popular songs (Welcome To Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Paradise City.) Some underrated songs, are Mr.Brownstone, It’s So Easy, and My Michelle. I personally like this album since it not only includes the original line up, but it shows and expresses what GNR is like.

2:Use Your Illusion 2

At number 2, we have ‘Use Your Illusion 2′. This album consists of ‘Knockin’ On Heavens Door’, ‘Estranged’, and ‘Don’t Cry’. Guns N’ Roses covered ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’, which was originally written by Bob Dylan. I personally think this is the better Illusion album instead of number 1, since it gives out the more GNR ‘vibe’. Although people like mainstream songs, there are some underrated songs that seem like they’d be popular.

Some underrated songs in the album are, ‘You Could be Mine’, ‘Civil War’, ‘Yesterdays’, and ’14 years.’ The last one was made by Izzy Stradlin, the meaning behind the song is the relationship between him and the front-man Axl Rose. ‘14 Years’ is how long Izzy and Axl were friends. Until, due to personal reasons, Izzy left the band in 1991.

3: Use Your Illusion 1

Next at number three we have,’Use Your Illusion 1′. This album consists of ‘November Rain’, which features Axl Rose playing the piano, and ‘Don’t Cry’. ‘November Rain’ is connected with ‘Estranged’, the meaning behind the song is unrequited love, and ‘Estranged’ is acknowledging it and moving on. This deserves at number 3 because, although one of their most popular song (‘November Rain’) is on there, the rest of the songs did not catch my eye.