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Nahla Hill, Writer

The battle of Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West

Who is a better music artist Kendrick Lamar or Kanye west, one of the most commonly asked questions in the music industry. Personally I think Kendrick Lamar is a better artist. Kendrick Lamar started his career in 2003 at the age of 16. As a young child he would write songs under the name of K-dot and was later noticed by a producer named Dr.Dre. After some failed attempts his singles like “Swimming Pools(Drank)” and “Poetic Justice” cleared the way to success. Later in his career he released “To Pimp a Butterfly ” featuring artists like Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams. Kendrick Lamar was later nominated for 11 Grammys and won the first award of the 2016 show, winning best rap album. Today Kendrick has been nominated short of 50 times and has won 17 Grammys. Kendrick Lamar continues to make music today and is one of the most played rappers on Spotify in 2022.

Kanye West’s story is a little different. Kanye earned a scholarship to attend Chicago American Academy Of Art but later dropped out to pursue his dreams of music. Kanye started his career as a producer for big artists. His first big break was his production of the Jay-Z track “This Can’t Be Life.” Kanye quickly became a very successful artist and later went on to produce for more big artists including Alicia Keys and Beyonce. Kanye later showed off his abilities to rap. He continued to produce music and make music of his own and later dropped Graduation. Graduation was dropped September 11, 2007. Kanye’s album Graduation was groundbreaking and in the first 6 days of being released sold 957,000 and was number one on the charts very quickly. Kanye West has been nominated for over 50 Grammys and has won 24.

Now to compare Kanye West’s and Kendrick Lamar’s music. When it comes to vocals Kendrick Lamar can constantly do different things with his voice and is constantly changing it in albums. Kanye is a creative genius but Kendrick Lamar is known for word play and lyricism. Along with lyrical value Kanye isn’t a conscious rapper, he can be meaningful when he chooses but Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics are very deep and meaningful. Kanye West is a very influential rapper. Throughout the years Kanye has produced music and created music he made probably one of the biggest impacts in the music industry. Kanye has sold over 160 million records worldwide and is one of the generation’s most successful artists. As Kanye’s career is impact did more bad than good. For that reason I think Kanye is not only a better person he is also a better artist.

Spotify vs. Apple Music, Which is Better?

Which streaming service is better, Apple Music or Spotify? Two very similar apps with millions of users making millions of dollars everyday. Both Apple Music and Spotify are more than capable of satisfying your music needs. It’s not like one app is better than the other but it’s still a frequently asked question.

Both Apple Music and Spotify have their pros and cons. Even though I am an Apple Music user I would say Spotify is the better option. Spotify is more flexible across more devices, has more and better exclusives, and lastly has a bigger podcast area than Apple Music. Spotify is also better when it comes to discovering new music and a more featured playlist that puts you on to new stuff. Lastly Spotify has an option to use it for free with ads unlike Apple Music. Apple Music not only has more total songs across the platform in general it also allows people to add their own music way faster and easier than Spotify. Apple Music also has an advantage with little things like being able to tell Siri to play any song at any time. Spotify Premium is $9.99 and Apple Music is $10.99. With similar prices and similar attributes Spotify sounds like the better option in my opinion.