Fast Food

Fast Food

Addison Field, Writer

Fast food hunger strikes the town of fries

I think the best fries are from Portillo’s. Portillo’s are the best fries because they are coated and cooked in a blend of beef tallow and vegetable oil mix.  I interviewed my mom and she said they were good because “they have a lot of salt on them” that was because of the way they put the salt on them. They salt the fries at the end so when they get out of the frier they sprinkle salt on them so they stick to the fries’ oil covering. They come in small and large so people have options on what they want and so they don’t overdo it. The fries that they make are not very expensive 2.79 for the large and 2.29 for the small so they are very affordable.

They let you get what you want with them like cheese sauce, ketchup, honey mustard, etc. The craziest condiment you can get is hot oil to dip your fries and more in. They all have the same texture so they are all crispy and they have the same shape so you don’t have to pick through them to get a good one. The main fact about these fries is that they have a good salty flavor so when you get a chocolate shake that is sweet. What I suggest you dunk them into it so you get a good blend of sweet and salty.

Its like Toy Story in this kid’s meal

I think the best kid meal is from McDonald’s. I think this because when you order a Happy Meal it has options for everything. Options like a hamburger or  chicken mcnuggets for an entree and fries or apple slices for a side, you can’t forget about the beverage choice you get. The kid toy that comes with it has an option for a boy or girl toy. Sometimes when there is an option they will ask that question to you out of curiosity so they don’t give the boy a girl toy and the girl a boy toy.

The box that comes with it has activities to do like mazes, stuff to cut out, and a scavenger hunt around the box. I would declare it the most interactive kid’s meal by the way it is set up and how it shows kids that you should just have fun and be creative. Parents I did not forget about you, it will keep your kids occupied and not bug you every second. It’s pretty good for its price which is $4-5 and the kid who eats this meal will get to interact with stuff and learn new things. I have eaten it as a 13-year-old a few times and it was filling to me so that should tell you a lot.