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Madelynn Gunther, Writer

Top 4 Country Artists

Do you like country music? Probably not, but I’m going to let you on some pretty good country artists in my opinion. My first artist is Zach Bryan. He is a new artist but is already climbing to the top. Zach Bryan has already earned these awards in 2022, #1 Top New Country Artist, #2 Country Songwriter considering Billboard’s “Hot Country Songs” chart, and #8 Overall album – American Heartbreak. Those are only some of the awards he has earned. His songs aren’t as pop related as some country songs are today. He makes really good songs not just about typical breakups, but how the music industry can really suck people into becoming a different person, and deeper topics like that.

My next Artist is Tyler Childers. He has been around for a while now but is also a very popular and respected artist. His songs aren’t just for younger kids, but older people will like his music too. He just announced that he will be going on tour, Send in the Hounds, which has already sold out everywhere. His music is also not very pop related and if you do like country music it gives u a feel of what country music used to sound like. My next artist is Morgan Wallen. His music is more pop related and very, very popular. He started singing on the competitive singing show “The Voice”, ever since then he has blown up the country industry. His second album called “Dangerous: The Double Album” spent a total of ten weeks at the top of the Billboard chart in 2021. In 2022 he was awarded top male artist of the year and has won many other awards as well. His songs are very catchy and so easy to vibe to.

My last artist is Luke Combs. He is also very popular and really listened to by the younger generation. In 2021 and 2022 he earned the Entertainer of the year award which is their highest honor award you can receive. His songs are great to listen to and blow up across all platforms. Country music has a variety of different feels and there are plenty of different songs and artists for every different mood. But most importantly country music is very fun to listen and sing along to. These artists do just that and in my opinion are the best at it.

Why do people hate country music?

What’s your favorite kind of music? Rap, Pop, R&B, probably not Country. Many people don’t like country music. People from up North or not from the South tend to not listen to Country music because it’s not what they’re used to and they think it sounds weird.  Some people think that the southern accents country artists sing with is annoying.

Pop is the most popular genre worldwide, whereas Hip Hop and R&B dominates more of the U.S. Country music is not up there on that list. I feel like if you like country music you either were influenced by all the 13 year old girls, or you grew up listening to it. Country is not for everyone and remains to stay where it came from, and isn’t going to be a worldwide thing. But if you want to listen to something a little different that isn’t always on the radio, then you could try listening to country music and hopefully the southern accent doesn’t bother you!