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Alexa Puga, Writer • April 25, 2024
Transformers Character Ramble
Stormii Salgado, Writer • April 25, 2024
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Transformers Character Ramble

Characters that don’t deserve the fame (no but seriously, why?)

First on the list of the unreasonably overrated character list, is Megatron.

Yes, depending on the universe, he is tolerable. Like Transformers Earthspark and toward the end of Cyberverse.

But the rest – for example, Transformers Animated, Transformers The Movie, and especially Transformers Prime.

Megatron is one of the main agonists of the Transformers franchise, and is commonly known for his affect on the Great War. Though his view from others is admired for his strength and even looks, his underlying treatment toward his Second in Command is something that decreases my look on his part. In every universe that he is introduced in, he is seen abusing Starscream – his right hand mech.
In Transformers Prime, he is seen dragging Starscream by the head, rejecting repair for his injuries, beating and leaving a injured mech, and even going as far as killing Starscream. Megatron is known for his short temper toward the rather traitorous Starscream, but his manipulation and abuse toward the Second in Command is the downfall of his popularity.

In Transformers Prime, he is seen in a episode dragging Starscream off by his head to later be beaten because of a mistake Starscream had made.

In Transformers The Movie, after Megatron acquires his upgrade to Galvatron, he is seen killing Starscream and sending the mech painfully into a pile of dust.

In Transformers Cyberverse, Megatron beats Starscream around in the halls of the Nemesis ship, sending him crashing through walls and even crushing his cockpit glass, and waiting until he is on the verge of death to shoot him with a canon blow from his tank. Megatron carelessly throws Starscream’s dead body off the ship and on an abandoned planet, leaving his metal husk to rust.

In Transformers Earthspark, Starscream has gone down his own path after Megatron changes sides to the Autobots. And when Megatron tries to apologize and do his best to redo the things he has done to Starscream after decades of abuse, it is clear Starscream will forever be scarred by Megatron’s doing. (UNDERSTANDABLE??) Starscream screams back before flying off and away from Megatron.

And in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron beats Starscream to the ground after the need to take his anger out on him after a mission, even if Starscream had struggled with a torn off arm after a battle. Megatron doesn’t kill Starscream yet, and instead forces him to listen to his need to reveal the Decepticon’s presence to the Autobots and human population.

Overall, it’s clear that Starscream has suffered endless and painful decades of abuse and manipulation from his commander, and he will never truly recover from it. He feels the need for revenge against Megatron and take his place as commander of the Decepticons – but is always beaten when his affects come in vain. Starscream earns all this only because of his need for reasonable revenge, his clumsy nature, and screechy voice. (It’s adorable)


Second, Transformers Prime Airachnid.

This is a character enjoyed by countless people, but I truly believe she is unworthy of her popularity.

In season 2 episode 7, Airachnid is seen hunting down Breakdown – a Decepticon Wrecker wandering Earth’s forest for a mission. Breakdown is Knockout’s partner – the Decepticon Medic – and assistant. The two are very bonded, and are even seen as a gay couple in a Transformers IDW comic.
After Airachnid catches Breakdown, she instantly shreds him and rips off all his limbs, torturing the Wrecker until he is beheaded and left to rust in the forest alone. Knockout is left clueless of why his partner isn’t returning from his mission and not answering him – until he discovers his death painfully.


Like every fandom, there will always be a handful of characters that are shockingly underrated and in need of the fame they deserve. This post will talk about a handful of those characters.

First on the list is Wreckgar (Animated and Movie). (I LOVE HIMMMMMMM) Many will agree that he deserves the talk. One, his voice actor is an AWESOME man. He is a music artist and comedian. His voice actor is Weird AI Yankovic (best music creator?!??!). Wreckgar has a colorful and alive personality unlike many characters, and in the movie, is given a unique voice and personality. Wreckgar in Transformers the Movie is adaptable to his environment, and is more than happy to assist the Autobots when in need to revive Ultra Magnus. And in Transformers Animated, he is given a goofy and silly personality and character (MORE REPUTATION!!!). He has potential to be an amazing main character, and attracts many other silly people who enjoy his personality and voice.

Second, is Dreadwing (Prime). Dreadwing was an amazing character and DEFINITELY had the potential in the series. But when he was unreasonably killed off by Megatron after Dreadwing lost his usefulness, he was instantly forgotten. Dreadwing had the strength, both brawn and brains, and had many reasonable actions for the Decepticon cause, but the whole fandom can really all agree that he needs therapy after losing his twin brother.

Third, is Hound (The Last Knight and Age of Extinction). Hound gives more reputation into the movies, and a BUNCH of humor. He is an enjoyable Autobot, and never goes down in a battle. His character is unique, and has a overall good potential toward fans to be a favorite. (He’s not fat, just fluffy)

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