you NEED to touch grass


real man person touches grass. What happens next is shocking

Malachi Ning, Writer

Listen, listen I know I’m only talking to a certain amount of you people, when I say “touching grass” but I’m being serious like when was the last time you looked at the sun and became Helen Keller?

Okay okay but seriously I think you need some sunlight, go outside. Get your natural vitamin D, improve your vision, GET SOME AIR, and you know you may be thinking.

when you don’t touch grass

“Heheh technically you don’t touch grass because you use TNN Network and make blogs hehehehehee”  NO YOU FOOL, I’m sippin wine from trees. I am digging my feet in sand, I’M AT MOUNT EVEREST, while using a voice traker-tracor? A VOICE TRACKER TO WRITE THIS.

Now you may also be thinking, “is this bullying? Isn’t this a rant?” and to that I say shut-shut up. This is actually informative, just gimme a moment.

AHEM anyhow it’s proven that going outside is able to make your brain function a lot better. It also helps relax your, COUGH AUGH aJsajdjnsf#I%I((I($U(^ OUjh. uh what? Anyway going outside makes you FEEL better, dude just go outside it’s good and EZ. NOW GO god man why am I even doing this again? Any how I’ma chill in Ohio.