Taco Bell isn’t that bad


Taco Bell isnt that bad

RJ Echtenacher, Writer

I hear people say that Taco Bell is so bad. I see  T Toks on just how bad it is. And no one has explained why it makes you sick and what makes you sick, I have done research by eating that very food, I didn’t feel a THING. If anything I was full from the 2 chalupas and a little of a taco bowl. I felt absolutely nothing. People say taco bell is so bad but I feel NOTHING. Sure some food from taco bell just isn’t good, like the salad but it doesn’t give you straight up diarrhea. I am not going to eat it and go “Shoot, I can’t hold it in.” NO. 

My point is that taco bell isn’t NEARLY as bad as people say and I know from experience that it isn’t. People just seem to hate Taco Bell, why. I’ll never be sure but all I am sure of is people on the internet are just dramatic and if taco  bell gives one person diarrhea then the whole internet is crazed about how it makes you sick. Once again you have been convinced that Taco Bell isn’t THAT bad. Still not as bad as Chick-fil-a though.