Technology is Taking Over Humanity!

Technology is Taking Over Humanity!

Jzabehl Portillo, Writer

Technology’s negative effects on people

One of the greatest inventions is technology. It has improved everyone’s modern day lives. But is it really doing us all that good? You see people toddlers to old people on their phones, tablets, computers etc. The average American spends 7+ hours on their phones. But does this leave a negative or positive impact?

The positive effects of technology are all the advances it has in human lives. For example, robots, transportation, household items etc. Specifically I believe that technology has improved medical research the most. The article says “the X-ray machine to the MRI machine, which made it possible for medical researchers to look at the internal systems of a patient…” ( There are so many diseases and viruses globally. I believe the reason they can find cures so quickly is with the help of technology and experimenting.

However there are also negative effects of technology such as social media. Social media is created to connect with people. But that’s not exactly what it does. If anything it isolates people from one another. According to a study from 2017, “young adults aged 19–32 years found that people with higher social media use were more than three times as likely to feel socially isolated” ( Social media makes them feel more isolated the more they use it. It leaves other feelings such as Depression and Anxiety.

I believe that like everything in this world too much could be harmful. Technology is an amazing thing, it’s just overused by too many people. Instead create healthy habits to not abuse all the screen time. You shouldn’t let a device take over your life. There are so many things to do off of a screen. At the end of the day it’s important to keep a safe balance of both.

The future of technology

In my previous post I talked about the negative and positive effects of technology. In this part I will talk about the future of technology and all its potential. Does technology hold a bright future for us or does it only get worse? If you have ever heard the Pixar Theory is saying that is what the future is like. It follows the movie Wall-E. How they left earth because it got so bad and the technology was so good that they had everything given to them. Could that become a reality? Is that what technology will lead us to?

Every student has heard of Zoom. Many enjoyed it. I personally like in person school a lot better.  Technology gives us the ability to convert to online school and spend more time on the computer than inside a physical classroom. The text says “…children need improved access to technology and educational opportunities to improve their lives.” ( I do agree that technology improves learning. It’s easier to search the internet to write an essay than go to the library and search for information. Although I think converting to online school is a bad idea. I personally have trouble focusing and getting work done over Zoom. But it’s a good idea for when there’s a snow day though.

The future has a lot to hold. One of its benefits is medical care. An article says “due to artificial intelligence. AI simplifies the lives of patients, medical professionals, medical students and hospital administrators by carrying out those tasks that are typically done by humans…” ( Imagine all the possibilities of improved and updated technology in the future. They could find cures, create medicines, stop the spread of diseases etc.

The future has a lot to hold. The most important part is that we use technology for good. We should use it to simplify our lives, research and communicate to people that are far away from us etc. We should not let it control our lives. That’s why technology is a good thing, if we use it for good. There are many benefits from using technology to modify our lives as long as we use it correctly.