Best Apps in 2023

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Teresa Aguilera, Writer

What would you rather use, Snapchat or Instagram?

What would you rather use, Snapchat or Instagram? Instagram and Snapchat are kind of the same apps. You can post stories on both, videos, pictures, text, etc. But one thing that is different is that on Snapchat you can see your friends location but not on Instagram. On Instagram you can have more than one account, but on Snapchat you can only have one account and not several.

           I would prefer maybe instagram but I also like Snapchat. I like Instagram because you can have more than one account and can do more things. But I also like Snapchat because you can see where your friends are in case they don’t answer you. I also like that on Instagram you can take pictures and make them look good and post them for people that you follow or follow you. Another thing is that you can post anything you want and not have any problems with Instagram.

What is your favorite app?

What is your favorite app? It could be Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, etc. Some apps can be for everyone like Tik Tok. Tik Tok can be for everyone because you can post videos but maybe some people may put other things. Sometimes people do what they want and it’s not good for kids. One thing that is good is that you can follow whoever you want and can see what they post and also have the notification on so when they go live or post videos you will get the notification.

              My favorite app would be Tik Tok and Snapchat. I like Tik Tok because you can follow whoever you want. You could see everything they post and keep up with what they do. You could have the notifications on when they go live or when they post videos and be on time to watch it. Something I like about Snapchat is that you can text friends, family, etc. I like that you can see the location about the people you have and can see where they are. When they don’t answer you fast you can see if they were in the app while you texted them and ask them why they didn’t answer you if they were one when you were texting them.