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The Sights Of My City

Josh Fleming, Writer

October 6, 2020

I am from Chicago Illinois and there is a lot of landmarks to see but they are mainly downtown.Some of the main landmarks are the Cloud Gate and Sears Tower.The cloud gate was created back in 2004 and was made by a Indian born...

Beauty – Makeup

September 30, 2020

Beauty – Perfumes

September 30, 2020

Beauty – Lip gloss

September 30, 2020

why it’s good to have a small business selling stuff

Luis Sanchez, Writer

September 28, 2020

I think it's good to have a small business selling items for my following reasons.  My first reason why I think it's good to sell stuff is because its easy today to make money or make a business you can make a page on facebook,instagram or...

Why its Great to Have Pets

Luis Sanchez, writer

September 27, 2020

I think it's great to have pets. My first reason I think it's good to have pets they keep you busy thats the point of a pet you keep yourself busy by cleaning there cage, cleaning after them, feed them and spend some time with th...

The start of quarantine

Diego Solorzano, Writer

September 27, 2020

When quarantine started it was bad the stores were closed. We prepared a lot. We got a lot of food before it started. Then my mom got laid off and my dad too. So we all stayed in quarantine. But all the toilet paper was...

The start of E learning

Diego Solorzano, Writer

September 27, 2020

Setting up E-learning was hard. But now I am used to it. It was hard to set up with terrible connection because It was freezing all the time. Meeting the teachers was easy. But the problem was that the teacher connection would fai...

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