Fool your friends with these inexpensive clothing dupes!


Fool your friends with these inexpensive clothing dupes!

Chloe Winkler, Writer

We all know of sites like Princess Polly and Urban Outfitters which can be pricey when it comes to certain items. But we also know where to find affordable look alikes.

While we approach the summer months skirts will start to pop up everywhere and you’ll probably want to get your hands on some. Skirts of all kinds are in this coming season so the more the better. Not everyone can spend $50 per piece at Princess Polly Boutique however there are some other options. Amazon is a fan favorite considering the fast shipping and Target is also a favorite because of the wide accessibility.

Maybe you are looking for some crewnecks. Winter layering is totally in right now. You could shop at Urban Outfitters but Urban isn’t widely available and sizes sell out quick. Amazon is definitely underrated when it comes to surprising fashion cops and drops so I recommend checking it out.

Right now the trends are shifting from winter/fall to summer/spring and we want to stay with the crowd. But since the trends are ever changing you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars so using some of these more affordable options may help you out.