Whats in now?


Whats in now?

Chloe Winkler, Writer

When it comes to the ever changing trends it can be hard to tell what’s in and what’s not, what’s coming and what’s going, but I am here to help. Here we have gathered a short list of clothing and styles that are in RIGHT NOW!!

Over Sized. When it comes to the newly evolving streetwear trend the clothing is getting bigger and bigger. Everything from t-shirts, to motorcycle jackets inspired by the 80’s, its back and its big.

Dark Academia clothing. Inspired by the Harry Potter Series and the dark winter months these cozy, dark, layered outfits are very popular. Things like brown blazers and turtlenecks in black are sold out everywhere. This winter style is where a lot of the beige and neutral inspired trends are coming from and heading over to.

While we know it’s hard to stay ahead of unpredictable trends we know what to cop and what to drop.