Who has Been the Best Bodybuilder of These Times?



Aaron Bravo, Writer

Who’s the best bodybuilder these days?

In all bodybuilding time there have been a lot of good bodybuilders like, Arnold, CBum, Lee Honey, Frank Zane, Ramon Dino. All these bodybuilders have different times, and different genetics. Genetics is the second most important thing for bodybuilding. Arnold had great genetics, so with a good genetic and been in times where steroids were different and not good as now, and other body builders of this time have more resources.

I personally think Arnold is the best bodybuilder not just because he was really big, but because of how many people he influenced, he created new poses. One more point for Arnold is that in that times, anabolics, science and that was not like today, now times you get get anabolics more easy and they are better.

Does Ramon Dino Humiliate Christian Bumsted?

Who has better physique, Ramon Dino or CBum? This answer depends on many aspects, Like who has more time on the body building, the amount of anabolic hormones that they use, and who is more interested in having a better physique now times. Christian Bumsted, is not really interested.

Overall I think, Ramon Dino has the best physique is CBum, because with less time but with less difficulties he has richt 5 Mr. Olympias, a really good physique. But Ramon Dino is almost at his same level, I think these year of Mr. Olympia is gonna be for Ramon Dino, and he is gonna take the best physique of these times, ending the debate.