Ronaldo is Messi’s biological son?!


Tony Alcantara, Writer

Who is better Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

It’s been the biggest debate but according to stats and information lets check it out. First let’s see the ballon d’ors, Ronaldo currently has 5, meanwhile Messi has 7 ballon d’ors. Now let’s go to Champions League. Ronaldo wins with 5, meanwhile Messi has 4.  Meanwhile on the Golden Boots Ronaldo has 4, meanwhile Messi has 6. Ronaldo has 1 Lila best player meanwhile Messi has 6.

For the FIFA Golden Ball Ronaldo doesn’t have one yet meanwhile Messi has 1. For the Golden Boy Ronaldo hasn’t had one yer meanwhile Messi has 1. And for the Liga (Spanish champion) Ronaldo has 2 meanwhile Messi has 10. For the FIFA World Cup club Ronaldo has 4, meanwhile Messi has 3.  For the Copa America Ronaldo has 0, meanwhile Messi has 1. And for the final World Cup trophies. Ronaldo has 0 meanwhile Messi has 1. So overall in my opinion and the stats, Messi owns Ronaldo.

Nike Kills Adidas with a Fashion Gun?!

That’s a hard question since Adidas has features that Nike doesn’t have so let’s go into it. First we have Adidas, by majority vote Adidas are more comfortable than Nike. But Nike has more fashion shoes and don’t mainly work on the comfort of the shoe but rather on how they look and perform.

Adidas and Nike have the same level of performance on soccer cleats. But Nike wins with more basketball shoes and Adidas wins on more volleyball shoes and other sports . For this I feel they are tied and mainly up to preference but for me I think Nike is better just because more if its fashion style.