How the Pros Play Fortnite

Jessie Figueroa-Acosta, Writer

How to Get Better at Fortnite

Step one: get Fortnite or if you already have. Step two: watch the pros and see what they do in the game. Step three: train your aim and go into an aim training map. The best one is 1611-0113-8283 for the map code. Step four: Train your building in the same map code I like. It takes time to get better but after a week you may see yourself get better.

There is a second way to play in an arena game. Then when you die, check how you die in the game and fix your mistake. After fixing your mistake, start going to people and attacking them. This will take a long time to get better but it helps to learn what people do and how they play in the game. Here is a tip when attacking stay calm and in the arena.

How to Win in a 1 v 1 in Fortnite  

Step one  make sure you get high ground. One of the basics is the 90 s. There are others but those are harder. After getting high try to get shot by the other person. Step three: try to do piece control. It is when to build around your other person. If you don’t know what that is, look it up on YouTube. Step four: Try to hit head shot at the other person it will do more damage to them. Step five: stay calm while playing it will help you and do other things well. But the most important thing is to build and try to keep high ground . But it’s in important to have fun while playing.