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Angel Balladarez, Writer

Dragon Ball Legends News:New tag unit Goku ssj3 and Vegeta ssj2

Goku and Vegeta arrive with a brand new legends limited.

This unit is a tag meaning you can switch between Goku and Vegeta. While battling with the new blue element Goku he applies a 90% damage buff ( this affect cannot be canceled) Another ability for his damage is a 40% more damage inflicted (Both of these ability stack making for deadly unit.

Gokus second unique ability is a damage reduction (This ability also cannot be canceled. When ever you switch to Goku blast arts card have a -10 ki reduction costing less to use.

*All of these affects reset when switched to Vegeta*

When you switch to goku during a battle it will restore your ki by 50. This also gives a +50% damage inflicted for 15 timer counts (This affect cannot be canceled.)

When Goku uses an arts card, draw speed is leveled up by 1 for 4 timer counts.

While Goku is alive he can randomly destroy one of his enemies arts card.

Goku restore his health by 30% when switched to Vegeta.

When finally switched to Vegeta you gain the following affects: restores own ki by 40, applies attributes upgrade “-10% to enemies sustained damage CUT’ effects” (These abilities cannot be canceled) (Activates three times).

Randomly draws one card when you have 3 or fewer cards.

This unit applies the following affects when switched to Vegeta.

+90% to damage inflicted (this ability cannot be canceled) +40% to damage inflicted (This ability can be canceled).

Reduces damage received by 70% ( Cannot be canceled).

-10 to blast arts cards. All of these affects reset when switched to Goku.

Both of these units have the same stats that revolve around there battle stats not their affect they have.

When the units switch three times the unique gage is filled up to its max. When this happens switch to Vegeta to start the time for the transcendence Kamehameha. This move damages the enemies units.

In my opinion this unit is overpowered with their special move as it is the second unit that can damage every unit with the ult. If I had the chance to get him then I would.

New Dragon Ball Legends banner: One Minute Deathmatch

A new banner has been released with the new tag units Goku and Vegeta.

This banned is a step up banner meaning each time you summon on the banner it gets more expansive leaving you to spend more chrono crystals.

Each time you summon on this banner you are given an exchange token. With these tokens you can spend them on getting more z power or getting the new unit if you get enough tokens (50 tokens).

The featured characters for this banner are the following

LL Ssj 3 Goku and ssj 2 Vegeta,

LL Ssi 4 Goku and Vegeta

LL Bardock

LL Vegeta

LL ssj 4 Goku

LL Majin buu: Kid

LL Vegeta

Then there are the sparking units. Tien, majin buu: super, Kioken Goku, ssi Goku, Nappa, Vegeta, Vegito, Majin buu: good, ssi 3 Goku, Majin Vegeta.

These are all of the units that are featured in the new banner.

This banner is pretty good with its featured units and its main. I really suggest summoning in this banner as the number one unit in this banner is really good.

As always good luck summoning for the unit.