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April 8, 2024
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Chicago Bears Free Agency
Chicago Bears Free Agency
Andrew Ayers, Writer • April 3, 2024

Lil Tecca Declares War Towards Drake!

Military personnel have been released.
Drakes reaction to the news
Drake’s reaction to the news

Just recently, Lil Tecca and Drake both released their new albums. Many people have mixed feelings about both rappers and their new releases. Today, I will be ranking the bottom 19 songs on the albums and my personal opinion about some of them.


  1. Calling For You (Feat. 21 Savage) – Drake
  • Background music has no flow and 21 Savage’s verse wasn’t that good.


  1. Monday To Sunday – Lil Tecca
  • The lyrics are very random and unenjoyable.


  1. Another Late Night (feat. Lil Yachty) – Drake
  • Drake took up most of the song, and Lil Yachty barely got any time.
  1. Fear of Heights – Drake
  • The whole song felt like an intro and it just goes by slowly.


  1. Need Me – Lil Tecca
  • Strange lyrics with no flow.


  1. Polar Opposites – Drake 
  • Lyrics don’t make very much sense and it makes the song unenjoyable.


  1. Amen (Feat. Teezo Touchdown) – Drake
  • Teezo Touchdown did not have the best feature.


  1. Gently (Feat. Bad Bunny) – Drake
  • Bad Bunny was the only sort of good part about this song.


  1. Members Only (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) – Drake
  • The vocals were bad and didn’t make sense.


  1. U Don’t Know Tec – Lil Tecca
  • Basic short song with nothing much on it.


  1. Want it bad – Lil Tecca
  • “Want it bad” sounds like no planning went into it.


  1. Slime You Out (feat. SZA) – Drake
  • SZA ruins this song.


  1. Salty – Lil Tecca
  • The background track is too loud and not very good.


  1. 7969 Santa – Drake
  • The lyrics are weird and have too much autotune.


  1. Either Way – Lil Tecca
  • This song would be so much better with a feature.


  1. BBL Love (Interlude) – Drake
  • Honestly an okay song but the lyrics ruin it a bit.


  1. First Person Shooter (feat. J. Cole) – Drake
  • J. Cole saves this 50/50 song, turning it into a good 7/10


  1. TEC – Lil Tecca
  • Named after the album, “TEC” has lots of flow and is a good song overall.


  1. Real Discussions – Lil Tecca
  • The vocals are okay but background music wins this song.


  1. Used2This – Lil Tecca
  • Good background music and more flow to the lyrics.


These are just the bottom 20 songs on both Drake’s and Lil Tecca’s new albums. Stay tuned for the next blog post for the top 19 songs on these albums. 


Drake Vs. Lil Tecca – 42 Injured!

In the first blog post, we ranked the bottom 20 songs on both Drake and Lil Tecca’s new albums combined. Now, I will be ranking the top 19 songs from the two albums.


  1. Gist – Lil Tecca
  • Lil Tecca doesn’t hold back on this, giving alright lyrics.
  1. Daylight – Drake
  • Ok song with just the right amount of autotune.


  1. Bahamas Promises – Drake
  • Short and fun to listen to.


  1. All the Parties (feat. Chief Keef) – Drake
  • Chief Keef was really great.


  1. What Would Pluto Do – Drake
  • Vocals are smooth and satisfying.


  1. 8am in Charlotte – Drake
  • Lyrics are powerful and smooth.


  1. Screw the World (Interlude) – Drake
  • Background track is great.


  1. Trippin on U – Lil Tecca
  • Nice beat and vocals.


  1. Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red & SZA) – Drake
  • The two features were really nice and added a lot to the song.


  1. Yves – Lil Tecca
  • Nice flow and beat.


  1. Drew A Picasso – Drake
  • Great vocals and smooth beat.


  1. Fell In Love – Lil Tecca
  • A touching song by Lil Tecca was is a great addition to his album.


  1. Tried Our Best – Drake
  • Drake gets right into this song and has lots of vocals.


  1. Away From Home – Drake
  • Very good song by Drake. Lyrics are nice.


  1. Dead or Alive – Lil Tecca
  • Dead or Alive is a great song by Lil Tecca. The lyrics aren’t horrible and the Background track is nice.


  1. Virginia Beach – Drake
  • Virginia beach actually doesn’t have a crazy amount of autotune. The lyrics flow nicely.


  1. HVN ON EARTH – Lil Tecca
  • Barley making the top 3, HVN ON EARTH is such a good song. The background track is amazing and the verses are great.


  1. IDGAF (Feat. Yeat) – Drake
  • Drake has many good songs on his album, but IDGAF is definitely his best. Yeat definitely carries this song, but Drakes part is ok as well. IDGAF is an amazing song.


  1. 500lbs – Lil Tecca
  • As one of Lil Tecca’s best songs, 500lbs was amazing. Even with a bit of a slow start, the first verse makes up for it entirely. 500 lbs definitely deserves to take the #1 spot.


All in all, I believe that Lil Tecca’s new album is better than Drakes. While Drake has more Features in his album and more familiar voices, Lil Tecca has much more flow to all of his songs and there more enjoyable to listen to.

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