What Really Happened to Eleven (011)?


Shakera M., Blogger

Last blog I discussed TV shows, “Teen Wolf” and “American Horror Story”. This week I want to reach out to all those “Stranger Things” lovers.

Even if you don’t love “Stranger Things” you will after I give a brief summary,and you might just stop what you’re doing and read it. It is about a boy named Will
who disappears starting a weird change of events, involving a telekinetic girl, people that have taken a liking to a group of boys, and a new mystery to solve. It is a Netflix original.

Back to what I was saying. For the people that haven’t seen the show SPOILERS ARE NEAR AND APPROACHING!

If you’ve seen the show hopefully you have heard the crazy fan theories, like the whole El just went to L.A. and lost her memory theory. We already know that she “killed the Demogorgon and it took her, too.”

Then there is the theory that the Demogorgon really is only a projection of her subconscious.

I guess until season two comes out we can say that the world will never know. It is thought that Eleven is alive. If you caught the surprising first season’s ending then we all know it’s true. Creators, the Duffer Brothers, have already confirmed her appearances in season two! So expect that. I don’t wanna investigate every theory because according to the Duffer Brothers it gets kind of close to the truth. If the theories I have been seeing are “pretty close to true,” I really don’t know if I want to watch season two anymore. Lol. Of course I will though.

Thats all for now.

Don’t change the channel just yet,