Four Amazing Indian Dance Youtubers

Four Amazing Indian Dance Youtubers

Swetha C., Blogger

If you are an indian dancer/choreographer, then you will definitely enjoy the outstanding content that is put up by these Indian dancers. Here are four indian dance youtubers that everyone should watch.

Rohit Gjare

Rohit Gjare was a contestant on “Dance India Dance.” He mainly incorporates hip-hop with elements of Bollywood. The results turn out great! He choreographs to popular songs, and does “Minute Mondays” where he creates a short one minute choreography piece to a song requested by fans.

Poonam and Priyanka

These twin girls are admired by everyone. In my opinion, I think they are the onesthat started incorporating western dance moves into Bollywood/Bharatanatyam steps. They have basically invented a new dance style, and I cannot stop watching their videos. The sisters do a lot of artsy videos, and they also create “Bollybytes.” These are short choreography pieces that are filmed in a regular dance studio. They are one of my personal favorites.


Jeya Raveendran

Jeya Raveendran is a choreographer/dancer in the UK and he teaches classes. He teaches people of all ages, and my favorite part of his videos is seeing the younger kids dance. THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR SELF-ESTEEM. He creates routines for Hindi and Tamil songs which is pretty cool.


Manpreet Toor

Manreet Toor’s main dance style is Bollywood and Bhangra. I think that is what
makes her stand out. Most dance youtubers are transitioning to hip-hop, and it is nice when there are a few youtubers who still do full on Bollywood. It shows us that Bollywood dance is still just as great as any other dance style.

Also, did I mention that HER TEETH ARE WONDERFUL.