What I Have Uncovered From Watching TV

What I Have Uncovered From Watching TV

Shakera M., Blogger

I’ve made two blogs about T.V. shows so far, but I never quite explained anything else. There are so many things I have uncovered from television.

1: The Ending of a Horror Movie/Show

I feel like everyone has willingly, or not, seen a horror film or show.

If you have I think you understand how it always [the season or the finale or just plain ending] ends with some cliffhanger or could lead to a “second movie.”

2: Cop and Medic Shows Will Have You Teary Eyed No Matter What

For some reason I can’t come across a TV show about cops or medics that doesn’t wanna make me cry. I’ll be rooting for the criminal at the end, or the kid in the tractor that popped his artery doing something stupid. In every episode that something happens there has to be an alternate reason behind it.  For example a kid will come into the hospital with a concussion. but for some reason the episode isn’t actually about that, it’s about the fact that all the doctors lost another medic to a concussion and they can’t get through saving him because the whole episode is flashbacks of that medic that died from a concussion. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN “CHICAGO FIRE” OR “HOUSE!?”

3: Skip the Zombies and Things Like That

Shows like “The Walking Dead” will leave you depressed. I think everyone who has seen that show understands that long running shows that have you fall in love with characters and attach to them aren’t afraid to kill anyone off suddenly. They use the excuse of “we needed to kill someone everybody loved for no reason”. Jeez. I have been watching that show since it came out in 2010 at the age of like seven or eight and I still do — or did until the season seven premiere :).

I guess that’s it guys.

Don’t change the channel just yet,