Is Teaching Science Fun?


Remy L., Reporter

This week Mrs. Feinstein has been teaching her students the “Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab.” Students put a gummy bear in water overnight and see how big it gets to represent osmosis.

Cassidy, a 7th grade student, said working on the lab was weird because it was all slimy. According to Mrs. Feinstein the “Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab” is enjoyable.

Mrs. Feinstein has been working at CS for three years teaching 6th, 7th and 8th graders Math and Science. She likes that science doesn’t have just one answer and that you get your mind thinking and experimenting. “I’ve actually always liked science when I was in middle school,” she said.

This love of science at a young age seems to inspire many science teachers. In nearby Fremont Middle School, Mrs. Loerakker teaches Science and Social Studies for 7th graders. She had a professor in college that inspired her to be a science teacher. She thinks science is a valuable subject to learn because you have the chance to go through trial and error to be successful.

Mrs. Loerakker

Being a science teacher is difficult because you need to plan interesting labs and teach students interesting things. Mrs. Loerakker says that she likes the types of labs that let students experiment and problem solve. Learning to fix your mistakes over and over would be the most important thing to learn in science.

Both Mrs. Loerakker and Mrs. Feinstein say teaching science is great because they get to do labs and teach students great things.

Mia, a 7th grade student, says that she enjoys doing hands-on activities and labs. She thinks that science is a great subject to learn if you would like to work in the field of science when you are older. She thinks that being a science teacher is challenging depending on how you plan to teach your students.

“Having a full fledged project is a little harder to plan and manage,” she said.

Science is an interesting subject to both teach and learn, whether it’s working with labs and hands-on activities or studying with textbooks. Both students and teachers agree that it’s fun nonetheless.

Mrs. Feinstein’s classroom.