“Steven Universe” Teaches Lessons

Steven Universe Teaches Lessons

Remy L., Reporter

Created by Rebecca Sugar, “Steven Universe” premiered on Cartoon Network in 2013. There are also multiple shorts that air between seasons.

Currently in its fourth season, the show is focusing more on characters beyond the main ones. Each new character is introduced in a different way which makes both the episode and the season exciting and special. Jasper was recently as a fairly intimidating and dangerous person.  Her introduction caused the main conflict of the season. This season also ties in with the first in a way that makes the whole show make sense and not just one random event after another.

The show is about Steven Universe, a boy that goes on adventures with Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet. Together, they save the town of Beach City from other evil alien “Gems” and monsters. Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet are Gems as well, along with Steven who is half-Gem.

This season features relationship building and Steven finds out new things about his family and friends’ history. This season is fairly important to the entire show.  New characters are being introduced, along with new problems, and more character development.

The writing is amazing. Although the show is entirely fiction, there are still problems that people deal with like in the real world. The characters learn lessons that real people do. Each episode is unique and adds to the overall story. The character development is amazing, too. Steven goes from a boy that wasn’t allowed on an adventure because he didn’t know how to control his powers to someone that knows what he’s doing and is complete control of his powers. Now instead of being silly and immature like the start of season one, he’s changing.

The acting is perfect because the creator of the show chose voice actors that can both sing and act. The voices fit each individual character perfectly and shows the character’s personality through the voice.

The directing is impressive because the way the acting and animating seamlessly go together. There’s no delay between when the characters mouth words. Individual scenes are amazing. You can easily see what is going on. One episode had no words, just characters talking and music in the background. Viewers saw and understood what characters were saying without sound.

The visuals and special effects are pretty. Although it may be an animated show, the graphics and visuals really make up for it. Since some of the character’s backstories take place in space, there have been several episodes taking place there. The way the artists drew each individual scene and background makes the show visually pleasing. The art style fits the show’s tone.

Like the writing, the music is amazing because it ties in with the show and real life. Steven Universe and the rest of the characters often sing throughout the episodes, but it’s not the way singing is normally portrayed in most T.V. shows. Each song has to do with the plot of the episode, and will normally evoke happiness, sadness, grief, or love.

The show is amazing overall and highly recommended. Watch it. 5 PAWS