Music Like Never Before


Cassidy G., Reporter

Brantley Gilbert is a hardworking dedicated artist. He sings songs about his past and how the struggles of everyday life have become blessings. Some may think of him as rock artist, but he’s the most realistic country artist out there.

He likes to include God in a lot of his songs and how he’s helped. He bases his songs off of real events or things that have happened personally. In 2011, Gilbert hung out with some friends and things got a little out of hand. He took a swing at his childhood best friend, got mad, and took off in his truck. Minutes later there was a car crash.

Gilbert’s “Highway to Heaven” was about that night. He talks about how death is so unexpected. He also gives details on how his whole life went through his mind day by day, month by month, year by year since that night.  He explains how that evening changed his whole life.

When you hear his newest album, “The Devil Don’t Sleep,” the sound clearly booms. There’s an incredible guitar solo that lasts a great 30 seconds in “The Outlaw” that listeners will quickly fall in love with.  It makes you feel like you’re right there at the concert.

Gilbert’s lyrics are realistic and relatable because he bases them off events that have happened to him in real life, and possibly to others as well. He also has a way of connecting things like they’ve happened to anyone. 

You know most folks don’t understand

That I’m talkin’ ’bout pourin’ out my best friend

(BEEP), it sounds so sad, but that’s how it is

And that’s why it’s gotta end

Lord I’ve tried it by myself

Forget my pride, I need your help

These lyrics from “Just as I Am” are about getting on to the right track and starting over. A lot of people struggle throughout teenage years and even into adulthood.  It is relatable to real events that have happened, are happening, or might happen.

“The Devil Don’t Sleep” will make you happy, alive and not alone. It reminds you of family, God, and the blessings in your life. Certain songs from Gilbert might make you cry because they’re so relatable and might make you consider family or past memories. When music connects to you on a personal level it is never a bad thing.  The album is just incredible. 5 PAWS

You can download songs separately on iTunes or Google Play for $1.29. The whole album, 16 songs, costs $12.99. Gilbert will perform live at the Rosemont Theatre March 2nd, 2017.