“Minecraft” Builds Its Way to the Top

Minecraft Builds Its Way to the Top

Ellie R., Reporter

“Minecraft” is ne of the biggest video game blockbusters of all time. Manufactured and developed by Mojang, “Minecraft” has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. If you enjoy sandbox video games, then this game should be the perfect choice.

“Minecraft” includes two worlds, the Ender and Overworld. The Overworld is where a player wakes up and begins the game. Players can play in Creative Mode with unlimited resources, unlimited health and no monsters. A second option is playing in Survival Mode with limited resources, limited health and dangerous monsters. Players can customize the difficulty of the game to hard, intermediate or easy. Another customizable option is skin. Players can edit or unlock this feature at the Skin Shop.

The “Minecraft Console Edition” showcases Minecraft Realms. Players can play multiplayer and chat with each other.

The video game’s graphics are very clear and top-notch. In fact, the entire game is composed of blocks and pixelated objects. The background establishes a calm and mellow ambiance throughout the game.

Something every player should know is how to craft and create objects. Players must fuse items together with a crafting table and given recipe. This makes tools, furniture, and clothes. There are also many places to explore. Some of these are deserts, oceans, forests, tundras, and grasslands.

Players will need lots of practice before fighting the toughest boss. To finish the game, a player must collect Ender Pearls from Enderman and combine them with blaze powder from blazes. This creates Ender Eyes, which opens the portal to the Ender. Once you arrive, you must slay the Ender Dragon to win the game.

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