Mat Franco: Is He a Real Magician Who Knows Real Magic?

Is it a plane, is it a bird, or is it real? Can Mat Franco be a real magician? What do you think?


David B., Blogger

Magicians are different from other people. They don’t just see beyond. They are beyond. The illusions they can create, the trickery they can use, it takes a good magician to fake out his or her audience.

Mat Franco is one of the best magicians in the world. Are you going to be fooled and amazed or one of few who understands the tricks? He can do many things, but is it possible to teleport a human being? 

Were you fooled or amazed? Let’s test your imagery and see if you can figure out the tricks, magic, and illusions. How is it possible, can you really have the sky as your limit?

Trust me you will believe in real magic after you watch Mat Franco ,the winner of “America’s Got Talent,” do it again.