Can Paintings Kill?

Kaelyn P., Blogger

Art is a wonderful way of expressing one’s creativity and it is often beautiful, but can certain pieces of art be a curse rather than a blessing?

Here are two paintings that left people questioning just what the artists were thinking when they created
these “masterpieces.”

1) “The Hands Resist Him” by Bill Stoneham

When you take a look at this painting, it is instantly clear why it gives people an eerie feeling. This photo was taken of the artist and a friend when he was five years old. Since the painting was finished in 1974, three people that had a hand in dealing with it have died.

2) “The Crying Boy” by Giovanni Bragolin

This painting’s story began in 1985 when a tragic fire burnt a house to the ground. The legend says that the owners of the house possessed the painting when the fire started. Their house was in obvious ruins, but the painting somehow survived. People who have owned copies of the portrait say they have tried to set it on fire but it will not burn.