Realistic or Cartoony?


Kaelyn P., Blogger

Art is just like music. There are many different styles and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Some of the many styles of art include abstract, modernism, and cubism. My two personal favorite styles are vastly different from each other.


Realistic art is the most beautiful art form in my opinion. Although it seems to be the most difficult, the result is always outstanding. I think it is incredible how people are able to capture a real life scenario so perfectly onto a piece of paper. Shading is incredibly hard, but doing a portrait in full color is even more difficult. It amazes me how some people have developed their artistic abilities to the point where they can draw realistically almost effortlessly.


On the complete opposite end of the art spectrum, there is comic-type drawing. I think that this art style, although not as detailed as realistic drawing, is incredible. I love how creative you can be with this, and how you have complete freedom over it. It is colorful and chaotic while being controlled at the same time. This is surprisingly difficult to do. You have to have a balance of chaos and serenity at the same time. I have such a high respect for this art form.