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Alexa D., Blogger

My favorite cover artist, Sarah Close, has released her very own single! I am a huge fan and it’s surreal hearing her music go viral throughout the world. Although I only discovered her channel less than a year ago, she has quickly become an inspiration to me.

Her song “Call Me Out,” released March 3, became number one on Spotify’s New Release Playlist and Viral Songs worldwide! She is dropping an EP, “Caught Up,” April 14. I’m buzzing to hear it. She even started her OWN record label called “The Kodiak Club.”

Coming from YouTube, I didn’t expect it to blow up that much, but I am surely glad it did. I stayed up all night to hear her drop the song, and I was one of the first ones to hear it in the U.S. I tweeted about it and she liked my post!

I found Sarah on YouTube through the Sidemen, a group of gaming and vlogging YouTubers. The first song I heard from her was “One Dance” by Drake. I instantly loved the way she arranged the song into her own style. My favorite video of hers at the moment is “Singing Your Questions 6.” In her series of these, she asks followers to send her questions and puts them all together in a song. I love seeing how much she is growing and how happy she is with her success.