How Do I Start Drawing?!


Remy L., Blogger

It may seem that starting to make art is simple. Most may think that you just have to pick up a pencil, draw something, then color or paint it in. The truth is that art can be hard to start. It may be that you’re inexperienced, or that you haven’t drawn in a while, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll be making art like a pro.

First of all, make sure you have the right supplies. Not many are needed; you could just use a simple pencil and paper. Make sure the pencil has an eraser! Although you could choose to use other mediums like oil pastel or paint, going simple will allow you to first get better at drawing, and then focus on improving on all other mediums. By starting simple, you are allowing yourself to gain confidence and experience before you use more expensive supplies.

Second, be sure to be in the right mindset. If you are constantly thinking that you’ll never be able to draw, you will never be able to improve. Simply allowing yourself to make mistakes is the key to learning. A way you can improve is by trying some drawing exercises, like drawing random shapes like circles or triangles, or trying to draw a picture in one continuous line. Don’t worry if they look bad; they’re just practice in order to get you ready to draw.

Lastly, you need to draw constantly. The term “practice makes perfect” is especially relevant in art, and essential if you intend on improving. Drawing 30 minutes a day for a year will make you 182.5 hours better than you were at the start of the year. It may seem like you’re not improving at all, but once you look back at your art, you’ll definitely see the difference between when you started and where you are now. No matter how experienced you start out, there’s always room for improvement.

By using these tips and using them whenever you make art, you’ll be able to be much more of an expert in making art. Remember: It’s not where you start that matters, it’s where you finish.