Mr. Gange and Officer Messina Create New Safety Program

Mr. Gange and Officer Messina Create New Safety Program

Matthew D. and Manny S.

This year at Carl Sandburg Middle School, Mr. Gange and Officer Messina introduced Tiger Patrol. This program is open for all 7th and 8th grade students. The hopes are school will become a safer and better place, and ownership will be taught.

Tiger Patrol is made up of 7th and 8th grade students, but with the lack 0f members there’s only six students including one 6th grader. In order to join and stay in Tiger Patrol you must have passing grades which are higher than Ds or Fs.

“Their only jobs right now are sweeping the halls and standing at doors they [students] shouldn’t be entering. Also doors they [students] shouldn’t exit,” she said. The Tiger Patrol also makes sure nobody does anything they aren’t supposed to be doing.

Zain, a 7th grade student was inspired to  join because he wanted to make the school a safer environment for everyone. Zain’s said his job is to make sure that people don’t run in the halls and only exit through certain doors.

He says some students have been making fun of Tiger Patrols in their vests. “I just ignore them and continue on with my job around the school,” he said.

Officer Messina said there was a problem with other kids bullying the Tiger Patrols on duty. “Yes, there has been reports from Tiger Patrol members saying that they are being made fun of and I’m trying my best to solve it.”  She gave out gifts the first week to make them forget about the problems they are having.

Officer Messina says she will be working on improving the program and trying to get more students to join.

At the moment there are no specific ranks beside Captain. Her and Mr. Gange decided that the captain of Tiger Patrol would be an 8th grader. They hope treats and other incentives will hopefully encourage others to join the program as well.