“Thor: Ragnarok” Shocks All Viewers

Thor: Ragnarok Shocks All Viewers

Marco G., Blogger

“Thor Ragnarok” is the funniest Marvel movie yet. It is very difficult to talk about this Movie without heading into Spoiler Territory. So **SPOILER ALERT** if you have not seen this movie do yourself a favor and go watch it. It was so much better without spoilers.

In “Thor : Ragnarok,” Taika Waititi took what was bad about the Thor movies and threw it into the trash and Burned it with a blowtorch. He did a great job of introducing new worlds and characters to the MCU.

Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, seemed like he was having a blast filming. This movie is a perfect representation why these actors are all amazing at what they do. It is said that at most of the jokes and lines in this movie were improvised. To have good jokes that you came up with on the spot takes real talent.

Hela is played by Cate Blanchett.  he does a great job playing a villain but the script didn’t seem to have great motivations for her. Her motivations seems to be “I want to destroy this place and kill everyone” and that doesn’t satisfy my needs of a great villain. To be a great villain you have to believe you are the hero in your story. The reveal that Hela was Thor and Loki’s older sister was pretty good, but it seemed that it could have been revealed differently and better. They should have had the ceiling art thing fall after the big fight in the throne room. But the “you don’t look like father” jokes were well worth it.

Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo, is one of the other character in this movie that get a good revamp. He is still all smashy, smashy but he can hold a conversation now. He can enjoy the company of other characters. He seems like he has evolved from big dumb baby to a big toddler. He has a bit of a tantrum in his room on Sakaar. It is so hilarious to see him throw his arms around and pout.

Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, does a good job but he hasn’t really been himself in the past couple movies. Loki was perfect in the first “Thor” and “Avengers” movies. He plays a legitimate villain in those. But after “Thor : The Dark World” he seems to be a hero which is out of character for him.

Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum, does a Great job. He brings his usual Jeff Goldblum-ness to an already wacky and weird character. It is confirmed that the Grandmaster and the Collector from “Guardians of the Galaxy”. They could potentially be setting up a Contest of Champions movie. The Contest of Champions was a storyline where the Collector and the Grandmaster play a real life chess game, but the pieces are the Heroes of the universe. I think this is a great idea and I guarantee that Marvel is already thinking about it.

Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, does a smashing job as Valkyrie. In marvel I don’t think we have many strong role models for young girls, like how DC has Wonder Woman. I think that Valkyrie is a great character in how she isn’t over sexualized, and she is a strong powerful character. Most female characters in Marvel are shown as stunning and beautiful models, Valkyrie is a fresh take on the “Marvel Formula”. Besides the fact that she represents something better, she is pretty dang awesome.

Korg and Meik, played by CGI Taika Waititi, are the funniest part of this whole movie. Korg being this big tough rock monster with a soft and quiet voice is just plain funny to watch. There isn’t much else I can talk about these characters besides being the comic relief in a comedy movie.

My overall thoughts on “Thor : Ragnarok” are very positive. If I had to rate this movie out of ten, I would give it 9.02/10