6th Grade Students Study Egypt and More


Gisselle E., Reporter

This week, in Mrs. Gigiano’s and Mr. Schrank’s Language Arts/Social Studies classes, 6th grade students are learning about Egypt and stems.  

Students find that learning and memorizing stems are easy to do. They learn movements to help them remember the stems better. While they are taking a test, if they are stuck, they review the song and movements so they remember better. Sometimes, the class does “Kahoot!” so they have a fun way to memorize their stems. The students also use their stem books and quiz each other on meanings.

Sometimes students don’t like learning about Egypt because there are too many notes to write down. They do enjoy statues. Some find them creepy, but they are cool to look at. To make things fun, students do stations so they don’t have to sit down and just take notes.

Students are practicing for the school spelling bee. Some are afraid that other students might make fun of them for spelling a word wrong. Others are confident because they enjoy spelling words, and they won’t let snarky comments get to them.

“I think that I am very good at spelling and I will try my best to not be nervous,” Hannah, a 6th grade student, said.