New Assistant Principal Arrives at CS

New Assistant Principal Arrives at CS

Gladdie G. and Alondra L.

At the beginning of this year, Mr. Sand became the new assistant principal of CS.

Mr. Sand brought some new ideas which affected the student body. Anthony, 7th grade, said that he now enjoys going to the gym when he finishes eating lunch. Katelyn, 7th grade, said she didn’t like the rule of eight people allowed at each lunch table.

The biggest change is how Mr. Sand interacts with the students. Overall, students think Mr. Sand relates well. Many say Mr. Sand makes being a vice principal seem fun even when the job might be hard. “I think he will work here for a long time because he is a good person,” Katelyn said. 

Mr. Sand enjoys working with the students at CSMS. He likes joking with students. “If you were a hotdog, would you eat yourself?” he said. His responsibilities include disciplining the students and taking care of tardiness and attendance. He also supervises events at the school.

“My favorite part of the job is getting to know the staff and students on a daily basis,” he said.

Mr. Sand wanted to become a vice principal because he wanted to try something new after teaching Social Studies for six years. He used to coach softball, basketball, and track. He also worked at a golf course and was a custodian. He felt like the new kid when he transitioned to CS and was nervous and excited.

He wouldn’t change anything about his job because he enjoys that everyday is a new challenge.