Get a glimpse of the K-Pop opinions of two teenagers!


Daniela Echeverria, Writer

A lot of people don’t understand me. They don’t understand how I can love KPOP so much. They think that it’s impossible to love something if you can’t understand it. First of all, I have seen people who have said that, jamming out to KPOP before. And they’ve been constantly singing songs in other languages that they can’t understand. So why can I not like KPOP? Even though I can’t understand 98% of each song, there’s such things as Google Translate, their music videos have English captions (most of the time), and lyric videos translate them too. Over time, I start to memorize what certain songs are about. And I can understand some words here and there.

“You’re not Korean. Why do you listen to it?” This question irritates me so much! The music is catchy, the voices are beautiful, and honestly, KPOP artists cover a lot more serious and meaningful topics than the artists in America. One of my favorite groups, BTS has been releasing strong topics since their debut. It starts with talking about how you need to go and live out your dreams and you need to actually do something with your life. They mention how if you truly love something, you’ll work towards it and won’t stop until you get there. Then they had a 3 part album called “Love Yourself” which is pretty self explanatory. They have all mentioned their life issues and some even went through depression, They have changed people’s lives, including mine. Even their band name is meaningful! The English translation of their band name is “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”, meaning that they block out all the haters and negative criticism; they say they’ll stand strong and only focus on the positive.