Get a glimpse of the K-Pop opinions of two teenagers!

Calm Down!

Daniela Echeverria, Writer

There isn’t too many things that bother me as far as the music goes, it’s mostly the fan bases that can get very annoying. There are some toxic fans out there that can ruin another person’s first impression of the band they are a fan of. What I mean is that there can be some new people trying to get into certain bands, but they will notice all the bad stuff being said by some of those “fans” in a group, and not even want to try to get into the band because they don’t like the fandom. Toxic fans are typically the ones who start fan wars, trash talk other members of the group they like because they’re solo stans (meaning they only like some members or one), trash talk one member of the group, and trash talk other bands that are “threatening” their group for the top spot. 

I see this mostly happen with my top 2 groups: BTS and BLACKPINK. It’s so easy to say that BTS is the most popular male K-POP group and that BLACKPINK is the most popular female K-POP group. They have both gone international and performed at American award shows and events (BBMA’s, Coachella, SNL, GMA, The Late Late Night Show with James Corden, Jimmy Fallon), as well has being nominated for American Award Shows (and winning). When either band is having a comeback coming up (the release of new music), I see the opposite fandom telling the other fans to freeze the views by commenting a lot with emojis because that does freeze the views. 

BTS and BLACKPINK have always been competition when it comes to views on music videos. When BLACKPINK had their comeback at the beginning of April, their new music video had not only been the most watched K-POP group music video in 24 hours, it had also been the most watched music video overall in 24 hours, and the most watched Youtube video in 24 hours. But this got ARMY’S (BTS Fans) upset and since BTS was having their comeback a week later, they streamed their new music video like crazy and they broke BLACKPINK’s record. All this fighting between fandoms is so annoying and I wish fans would just enjoy the music and support their idols instead of only caring about breaking records.