Get a glimpse of the K-Pop opinions of two teenagers!

Why K-pop?


Andrea Rosas Polo, Writer

Hip Hop, Bachata, Rap, Country, Rock, and the list goes on and on. Everyone prefers some type of music genre to hear. I personally prefer K-Pop. Although when people find out about this they usually ask “Why do you like K-Pop so much?” Sometimes I receive negative comments and sometimes they’re positive comments. Although I, myself, have wondered why I like K-Pop. And I’ve come to realize that there a many and plenty of reasons that make me like this music genre. The way I would define K-Pop would be Hip Hop and Pop Music in Korean Lyrics. Even though I don’t understand these Korean Lyrics I can translate them and find a meaning to these lyrics. Some lyrics  have a deeper meaning to them, and some lyrics are just for fun. So you can hear K-Pop music when you’re depressed or when you’re just happy and feeling good.

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 Although you might not like all K-Pop groups. All K-Pop groups have different singers, different lyrics, etc. It’s very similar to singers in general. You might like Selena Gomez but you dislike Justin Bieber. I haven’t been hearing K-Pop Music for a long time so I don’t know many groups, although I do know a few. I personally like BTS, BlackPink, Exo, NCT 127, and TXT. I do like some other songs from other different K-Pop groups but I wouldn’t consider myself liking the groups. I like these K-Pop groups (on music terms) because their music is usually upbeat.

Although, some music is gloomy but it’s still entertaining. I personally like BTS lyrics a bit more than I like other lyrics from other k-pop groups because they put a long of meaning into their lyrics most of the time. As an example : “ My heart is ripping, just set it on fire so the pain and the feelings won’t remain.” was part of the lyrics in Outro: Tear. And not only that but K-Pop is just unique. The style, music, lyrics, visuals, dancing, etc. I’m sure that there are plenty of other things I didn’t mention but these are just some of my personal opinions/reasons which I choose k-pop over other genres.




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