Guadalupe Nieto and Yaregsi Rodriguez

Jordans can be a nice stylish shoe. They come in different types. These shoes sometimes used for shoe collectors and you can wear them with almost everyday looks. Some jordans are for basketball or even running and other more for the style. Now it depends how tall you might be of just the size of your foot in general because if you short and your wearing big chubby shoe that’s gotta go.Many people do those mistakes and it’s called not knowing how to style yourself. The shoe has to match your personality of else how is yuh gonna style it??  

It would also depend on the size because there some cheap human beings that just can’t afford it or they don’t want to be a collector because there hella expensive.This means the brand would just not fit u in general.The reason why Jordan was even made wasn’t because they wanted a public company.The real reason why they made jordan was because Michael Jordan wanted exclusive shoes for the games and in general just wearing them.The first shoe that was made exclusively to michael jordan became really popular in the early 1984 and in the late 1984 they got released and it was made by peter moore.