Guadalupe Nieto and Yaregsi Rodriguez

Converse can be comfortable but they are flat shoes so they might not be a very good shoe to run in. They are more of a fashionable shoes and walking shoe. Over the years the style of having your shoes dirty have been a style so you really don’t need to worry about how dirty they are. You can wear them with almost everything. Even with dresses if you style it well it can look good. They also look pretty good with everyday outfits. The sole of the shoe is thick and that it a good thing because it can give you some height and it does not get ruined as fast. These shoes can be worn by either genders.Some ways you can wash your converse is that you can actually soak them in water and soap and scrub on them so all the dirt comes off. It won’t be perfect but it will make some changes.  Some background information on converse, they began in 1908. The shoes are made of rubber.