Guadalupe Nieto and Yaregsi Rodriguez

Vans are more on the thin side,if you don’t take care of them they could get flat flat.They are a flat type of shoe These are shoes are good for you In my opinion.And if you like to be trendy these are good too. They come in different styles such as hightops, authentic, old school, and much more, you can choose from. These shoes can still even look stylish if they are a bit ruined so you save money and time on that. You can really wear these in any weather conditions rain or snow anything really. These shoes can last a while if you do wear them everyday they probably might last a year or two if you take care of them too. Vans are both men,women, and they also have youth sizes so they could all look good on mostly everyone. Some history on vans is that it started in 1966, the first store was in Anaheim, California. The people who started vans were brothers named Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren and there partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia. The shoes started by being skateboarding shoes, but over time they became more and more used for more than skateboarding people now just use them for everyday use.